Medium level to high security restricted key systems


Registered and high security key systems are available in a number of different forms and security levels. Systems of this type are typically used for securing and controlling access in commercial, residential apartment blocks and institutional environments.  They are also for anyone wishing to have control over the quantity and issue of keys. 

Bells Locksmiths are specialists in the design and installation of registered and restricted key systems from one key systems through to large master-keyed systems for any size of business.  Strata companies throughout Sydney, Government organisations and many blue-chip companies have entrusted Bells Locksmiths to be custodians of their high security key systems. 

Bells Locksmiths offer a range of medium level to high level restricted and master-keyed systems including:


  • Bilock New Generation (approved for use by ASIO)
  • Lockwood Generation Six
  • Galaxy
  • Medeco
  • Master Locksmiths J Series
  • Australian Lock Company BPA Series (Binary Plus)
  • Lockwood Twin

How do restricted master key systems work?

Master keying is a high-security solution commonly used for large-scale projects and commercial premises with multiple doors. A single key known as the 'master key' will open all doors within the building, and individual keys are designed to only open some doors. In this way, access is compartmentalised and can be restricted to restricted areas.

Your master key system is only as secure as the key distribution - so it is important to ensure that unauthorised people cannot duplicate keys your keys.  Bells Locksmiths protect their clients with thorough security procedures. Restricted keys cannot be cut or duplicated without written and signed authorisation of nominated personnel at your organisation, and all the keys are safety coded to identify which company owns the system.

We specifically design these systems according to clients' requirements with practically unlimited capabilities and combinations. Master key systems can be modified at any time to suit changing circumstances, for example, for new employees or business expansion.


Security of your information

Equally important is the secure storage of your masterkey information.  The ordering, issuing and management of keys is done electronically ensuring maximum security.  Bells Locksmiths keep all your confidential data on our secure, passworded server, which is only accessed by a select number of personnel.







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