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The new and innovative Galaxy is designed and built for convenience and efficiency while maximising security. Providing a greater depth of combinations than most other locks on the market, Galaxy’s vast range of core options makes retrofitting existing locks simple and recombinating quick and easy.

Inbuilt security features are designed for anti picking, anti bumping and to ensure extreme resistance to malicious attack and make this system suitable for anyone requiring a high security, versatile masterkey system.

Galaxy is only available through Authorised Dealers and the Galaxy key blanks can only be reproduced by authorised Galaxy Dealers, offering additional security to the end-user. Bells Locksmith is an authorised Galaxy dealer and systems installed by Bells Locksmiths are protected by our stringent security measures for key duplication.

The versatile Galaxy key is super strong and offers wide-ranging colour options (21 in total) for quick and easy identification. The Galaxy key strength exceeds Australian Standard and aremade from stainless steel. The keys offer increased wear resistance and the shorter design offers increased strength. Galaxy offers a lifetime guarantee on keys. The patent life on the Galaxy extends to 2024.

The uniqueness of Galaxy revolves around its ability to remove the centre core to change the programming of the lock. Factory built cylinders do not require pinning and therefore offers more confidence for product installation and consistency. This reduces the time and cost involved in replacing cylinders as only the codebar needs replacing.

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