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Bilock is a high level security key system. ASIO and other government organisations use Bilock as their key system of choice as it is virtually impossible to pick. Bilock has twice as many pins as conventional locks – plus it has two sidebars for double security.

The Bilock key is double sided with a different combination cut on each side. Effectively you have two different keys operating simultaneously in the one lock.

The keys are numbered and kept on file in our secure database. Additional keys can only be produced with the correct authorisation. Bells Locksmith have their own broach (keyway), therefore no other locksmith in NSW can duplicate our keys.

BiLock have now launched New Generation – This unique system utilises an extra locking bar together with a movable trigger located in the key. An investment in this system will give you key control security for many years.

Bilock Quick Change core
The new “Quick Change” core now offers interchangeable core flexibility with the existing hardware. This is the most economical option for high-security and removable core flexibility. The BiLock “Quick Change” core can be removed from your hardware for maintenance or rekeying without disassembling the lock.

Benefits of a BiLock Maximum Security Locking System are:

  • Quick Change Core feature enables the customer has increased flexibility and control over their key system
  • Re-keying a lock can be as simple as withdrawing a plug and replacing it with another …. in seconds
  • Restricted key system

    Easily identifiable key colours – facilitating quick and easy key audits

Features of a BiLock Maximum Security Locking System are:

  • ASIO (SCEC endorsement) to Secure Area
  • Up to 17 million possible lock combinations
  • Easily recognisable key heads to facilitate quick and efficient key audits
  • Retro-fits to 99% of door hardware

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